Airports - airfield, airstrip, landing field, landing strip Levee - bank, berm
Arches - bridge, natural bridge, sea arch Locales (Historical) - battlefield, camp, ghost town, landing, railroad
Area - badlands, barren, delta, fan, garden Locales II - Place at which there is or was human activity
Arroyos - coulee, draw, gully, wash Maps - Antique Maps of the World
Bars - ledge, reef, sandbar, shoal, spit Military - Place or facility used for various aspects of or relating to military activity
Basins - amphitheater, cirque, pit, sink Mines - pit, quarry, shaft
Bays - arm, bight, cove, estuary, gulf, inlet, sound Museums
Beachs - coast, shore, strand Oilfields - Area where petroleum is or was removed from the Earth.
Benchs - level Parks - national historical landmark, national & State park
Bends - bottom, loop, meander Pillars - chimney, monument, pinnacle, pohaku, rock tower
Bridges - causeway, overpass, trestle Plains - grassland, highland, kula, plateau, upland
Canals - ditch, lateal Populated Place (Historical) - city, settlement, town, village
Capes - lea, neck, peninsula, point Post Offices (Historical) - processing and distributing mail and other postal material.
Cemeteries (Historical) - burial, burying ground, grave, memorial garden Range - cordillera, sierra
Channels - passage, reach, strait, thoroughfare, throughfare Rapids - riffle, ripple
Cliffs - bluff, crag, head, headland, nose, palisades, precipice, promontory, rim Reserves - does not include forests, civil divisions, parks
Craters - caldera, lua Ridges - crest, cuesta, escarpment, hogback, lae, rim, spur
Crossings - overpass, underpass Seas - gulf, ocean
Falls - cascade, cataract, waterfall Slopes - grade, pitch
Flats - clearing, glade, playa Springs - seep
Forests - national forest, national grasslands, State forest Streams (Historical) - anabranch, awawa, bayou, branch, brook, creek
Gaps - col, notch, pass, saddle, water gap, wind gap Summits (Historical) - ahu, berg, bald, butte, cone, dome, head, hill, horn,
Glaciers - icefield, ice patch, snow patch Swamps - bog, cienega, marais, marsh, pocosin
Guts - creek, inlet, slough Trails - jeep trail, path, ski trail
Harbors - hono, port, roads, roadstead Tunnels - Linear underground passageway open at both ends.
Islands - archipelago, atoll, cay, isla, isle, key, moku, rock Valleys - barranca, canyon, chasm, cove, draw, glen, hollow
Isthmus - Narrow section of land in a body of water Woods - national forest, national grasslands, State forest
Lakes - backwater, lagoon, laguna, pond, pool, waterhole  
Lava - kepula, lava flow Unknown - legacy data only. It will not be assigned to new or edited records.